I work within both creative music projects / sound and school IT but my background and degree was in Music, specialising in composition. I originally grew up in Leicester but moved to Birmingham where I came to study at the Birmingham Conservatoire.




Here is my CV

Peter Maxwell Dixon CV

IT Experience

I have managed the transition to a virtualised server system running Windows 2012 Hyper-V. I have also developed and managed our transition to Office 365 and I am currently working on customising Sharepoint to become our primary VLE platform. Though I haven’t had formal training during these transitions, I have worked very closely with the contractors (Link2ICT) to learn everything possible about the process.

I have planned and been responsible for all costing and “speccing” out all of our new teaching spaces and computer rooms whilst working closely with the developers on the planning stages of the new building. I have implemented the iPad deployment using DEP and VPP running under Meraki System Manager for student use and SLT use.

Due to my responsibilities of the budget, I have administered many cost saving exercises including, converting school photocopiers to be managed via PaperCut, which enables the staff ID badges to not only allow door access but track their photocopying and printing levels. I am currently in the process of researching and suggesting a more cost effective phone system over the network. I always strive to save money on essential, yet necessary, ICT equipment. Another example of this is the use of a less highly specification in terms of PC’s for classrooms and offices which my team immediately upgraded upon purchase to replace the conventional hard drives with SSD hard drives. This resulted in the startup speed and running of the PC’s to be dramatically reduced.

I have experience with Windows Server 2012, 2008 R2 and Hyper-V along with Linux servers. I am highly competent in programming custom scripts in languages including PHP, PowerShell, Batch and JavaScript in order to automate processes on the network and for web applications. I also have expertise in CMIS, ePortal, o365, Sharepoint, NetSupport for Schools, PaperCut, Sophos and Policy Central and more.

I gain huge personal satisfaction and enjoyment from using my workshop leading roots to work with the students and teachers. I believe by working alongside and co-teaching sessions, it effectively helps staff to use new technologies that they may not be confident with already. This also enables the pupils to gain a new perspective on using different technologies creatively.

I have recently instigated several initiatives at Starbank including safeguarding and e-safety. I have been working closely with one of the assistant heads and the main DSL lead to pilot and implement MyConcern to track all safeguarding incidents using online software. I have initiated a pilot of the Remote Monitoring Service offered by Link2ICT using Policy Central and I am the main point of contact for our head teachers when issues are flagged up. I have a real passion for safeguarding and e-safety in order to keep our children safe online and I am always in search of any new technological developments that can assist this. I am keen and interested to understand the psychological effect of computer games and technology on our learning and development.